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'The O.C.' Gets a Remake ... in Turkey

YES. YES. YES. You got that right.

I can’t wait to hear Turkish Luke say, “Orange County, bitch!" in, duh, Turkish. 

I didn’t understand anything since the trailer has no subtitle - but it looks very promising! The O.C., for me, is still the best teen soap - EVER. And nothing beats the original. Can’t wait to see this one, though!

The O.C. turns ten today

…and because it’s the best teen soap - ever - and because it’s the epitome of everything hipster cool, I’m going to download the complete episodes from seasons one to four.

"And that’s how it’s done in the orange county. Welcome to the OC, bitch!" - Luke to Ryan, pilot episode

I’ve seen clips and gifs online and I just couldn’t resist it. I’m going to watch The O.C. - again.

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